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SVT – where the audience is

Facts About SVT’s Programming 2015

  • SVT’s broadcast channels had an annual combined share of 36%.
  • SVT increased the competitiveness in all demographics under 60 y.o. And the decrease in 60+ is marginal (smaller than 1 %)
  • SVT1 was the largest broadcast channel in Sweden with a 24,3% market share. (Second largest broadcast channel – TV4 – had 20,2%)
  • SVT1 was also largest channel in one of SVT’s key demographics. Among ”45-59 y.o. without children living at home”, SVT1 had 21,7% share (second largest broadcast channel TV4 21,6%)
  • Among ”25-44 y.o. with school children at home” the difference is now only 1,5% to TV4’s advantage (SVT1 19,1%/TV4 20,6%)
  • Barnkanalen – SVT’s children’s channel in broadcast – kept a stable share of viewing with 3,4%, and with increased share among 7-11 y.o. and 12-15 y.o.
  • In 2015 SVT has increased its share of broadcast viewing in fiction, factual and lifestyle genres. Sports and Arts also have higher audience share than previous year. Current Affairs had almost the same audience share.
  • SVT’s online services had a total of 163 million streamed hours of content. An year-on-year increase of 77%. The largest genre by far is Children, and for the first time the second largest being Film/Fiction/Drama (both acquisitions and local productions).
  • Among the four largest Swedish media houses (SVT, BONNIER/TV4, MTG and DISCOVERY), SVT strengthen the competitiveness relative 2014 by 7% percentage points (from 56% to 63% of the combined streamed hours available from the four media houses).
  • SVT had 558 million stream starts according to official figures. Second largest media house was Bonnier/TV4 with 262 million stream starts.


SVT is on a journey of transformation from a traditional broadcaster to a media company in partnership with the audience.
More than any other invention of our time, the Internet has unlocked possibilities we could barely imagine a generation ago. For us this means we need to adjust. But at the same time we need to find our own way, without losing our history, our soul.

We need to think and act as a natural part of the media market while keeping our unique mission in mind. And with a long-term perspective, putting the audience first and keeping their trust.

We love the Internet. We love broadcast. We love the audience.
Together with the audience we can explore how the media of the future can work. Together with Barnkanalen’s audience we can discover new worlds and services that meet their needs.

SVT was first in the Swedish market to develop a complete online service, with the whole SVT catalogue on VOD.

It is all about merging the best of both worlds, TV and Internet, working with them together and providing our audience with attractive packages that are easy to access and navigate.

We believe in curation
The role of the curator is an important complement to letting the audience find what they are looking for. We also want to offer them what they did not know they wanted.

SVT today is a truly integrated company, with all decisions and processes being platform neutral. We are re-writing the book on TV publishing in this digital age as we go along. We have come a far way regarding media rights and can offer the audience a lot on our new platforms. But it ́s a race against time, since technical solutions and audience expectations are further along than rights agreements.

SVT Play is available on the open internet
SVT’s programs and services shall also, as far as possible, be available on most platforms audience choose to use.

We are putting the audience first, adapting to changes and using new technology to improve and enhance our core business – telling stories using video.