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About SVT Procurement

SVT Procurement’s focus is on conducting high-quality procurement procedures that render favorable transactions with cost-efficient solutions. Our work frees up time for SVT’s core operations.

SVT Procurement is SVT’s joint purchasing function and knowledge base for procurement of goods and services. We are a service function with specialist expertise within purchasing, whereby our assignment involves conducting procurement procedures within the areas relevant to SVT’s purchasing needs. Turnover in 2014 was approximately SEK 1.4 million for SVT’s centrally negotiated agreements.

We present a unified SVT to our suppliers, and work on the basis of a high sense of morals and ethics. We conduct competitive procurement procedures to achieve the appropriate quality for SVT’s operations. SVT’s suppliers are to have confidence in SVT as a customer, and SVT Procurement is to behave objectively and professionally in all its business contacts.

We offer support, guidance and assistance to SVT’s operations throughout the entire procurement procedure and in regard to various procurement, call-off and agreement issues.


Current procurements

You will find all our current procurements published in the procurement tool here.

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